Q.           What does your sensor technology do?

A.           It reduces consumption of irrigated water by 30% to 80% by controlling the amount of water disbursed during the watering window, utilizing data sent every 10 minutes from the effective root level of the soil to a controller that uses a patented watering algorithm to deliver on the water each zone, independently of the others, needs to maintain optimal moisture content until the next watering window.

Q.           How does it work?

A.           Underground wireless soil moisture sensors send data on soil moisture, soil temperature and soil salinity every ten minutes to a control panel that analyzes the data in real time and releases just enough water to keep the soil at the optimal moisture level.

Q.           Will each zone get the same amount of water?

A.           No.  Each zone will have its own sensor and will be its own micro climate.  Consequently, every zone will be watered individually with the exact amount of water needed to bring the soil at root level to the optimal pre-set moisture level.

Q.           How many sensors do I need?

A.           One per zone.

Q.           How big is a zone?

A.           Zones are pre-determined by the irrigation company that installed the existing system – they are all different shapes and sizes.

Q.           What does this cost to install?

A.           Nothing – once we have confirmed your savings, we will install at our expense.

Q.           What does it cost me then?

A.           A small monthly service charge that is less than the amount of money saved by the system.

Q.           Will this save me money?

A.           It all depends upon your cost of water and your consumption, the types of controllers you have and how many zones of irrigation you have.

Q.           How much will it save me?

A.           We will reduce the amount of irrigated water you use by 30% to 80% (average is about 50%), and we target a net cost savings of 10-25% after the service fee has been paid.

Q.           How many zones of irrigation do I need to have to qualify?

A.           Six or more.

Q.           Will it replace my existing irrigation system?

A.           No.  The wireless sensors are placed invisibly into the ground, and your timer clock is the only thing that will be replaced (by the control box) – the pipes and heads remain in place.

Q.           Will I have to program the control box?

A.           No.  We will program the box with the exact same settings as your old timer clock.  The Artificial Intelligence of the system will then take over and water according to what is needed – you will never have to hunt down a timer clock again.

Q.           Does the system water as and when needed, not just during the pre-set watering window?

A.           No.  Watering will only take place, if required, during the existing watering window.

Q.           Will I use less water and save in every zone?

A.           Not necessarily.  The system is designed to create optimal soil moisture content; therefore, it may be that 20 zones require substantially less water that before, but one or two may need more (perhaps because of the soil or their exposure to wind or sunlight, for example).

Q.           Can I use it if I am subject to water restrictions?

A.           Yes – not only can you use it, Florida granted a “Variance” to our customers, permitting them to water SIX times a week during restrictions: you will use less water watering six times a week with our technology than you would watering according to the restrictions.

Q.           Will you destroy my landscaping and turf during installation?

A.           No – the sensors are wireless and the size of your hand.  They will be buried in a small hole and you will see no sign of disturbance to your landscaping.

Q.           Does this work in arid climates?

A.           Absolutely.  Typically, in AZ or NV, for example, the soil is so dry that when it rains or the sprinkler system comes on, the water simply runs off the top layer and down a drain – imagine running a brand new dry sponge under the tap and how the water runs off and is not absorbed. Our technology will ensure that the soil remains moist, so that all rainwater and irrigated water is absorbed – just like a pre-soaked sponge absorbs fluids.  Savings will likely be in the 40-50% range as a result. In 2017 we averaged 53% in our CA installations.

Q.           What about in humid, wet climates?

A.           We are saving Florida HOA’s as much as 80%, so yes, absolutely.

Q.           Can I use the technology even if I irrigate from well water or lake water?

A.           Yes.  Even though you won’t save on water costs, you will be saving valuable water resources, as well as running your pumps less, thus using less electricity and extending the life of your pumps.

Q.           Will I have to program or reset the timers, like I do on my existing clocks?

A.           No.  The zones are set for optimal moisture levels, and the data sent from the sensors creates artificial intelligence that will automate the release of the exact amount of water during every watering window.

Q.           Will this benefit farmers?

A.           Yes.  Optimizing the soil moisture and providing temperate, salinity and moisture data for each zone will both optimize yield and reduce the amount of chemicals normally used.

Q.           Is this of benefit to sporting complexes?

A.           Yes.  Using the data provided by the sensors, the grounds keeper will be able to produce the perfect playing field – Dodger Stadium, UGA, Wake Forest and Emory University are some of the facilities using our technology for exactly that purpose.  A soccer complex monitors the soil moisture level, knowing that once it exceeds a certain percentage all games must be canceled and all mowing must cease.

Q.           Which properties or facilities will benefit from using this technology?

A.           Any property that has 6 or more zones of irrigation and a cost of water (or water & sewer charges combined) of more than $4 per k/gallon.

Q.           Have any recognizable names installed this technology yet?

A.           Yes.  UCLA, Dodger Stadium, UGA, Emory University, City of Chino, CA, City of Roswell, GA, many HOA’s around the country.

Q.           How are we different?

A.           Other underground sensors are wired – we have the only wireless technology.  This means that there will be no trenching of wires and no disruption to the landscape.  Further, no other technology captures and transmits as much data on such a frequent and accurate basis.

Q.           What if someone already has a weather station technology?

A.           No problem.  Ours will usurp that technology and make it defunct.  Theirs is akin to driving a car with no idea when the gas will run out and guessing how far you can go on a tank – ours tells you to the half mile how far you can go!  We can provide further information on this topic.



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